More Mischief

Iconic, avant-garde and revolutionary!
More Mischief by Deepak Shah is an exclusive bespoke designer menswear brand dedicated to creating sartorial excellence for the ‘Man of today’.

Specializing in designs of timeless ensembles, Deepak’s creations epitomizes agelessness with their dramatic-and-bold yet effortlessly elegant designs showcased in the eternally fresh collections all year round. Boasting of an exclusive clientele that includes the upper crust of the society – socialites, actors, politicians, builders, sportsmen and so on, More Mischief is recognized as a dependable brand that actually understands the fine art of tailoring.

Currently located in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Dubai, this year to witness three mega launches in South Mumbai, Pune and a 14,000 sq. ft. concept-store in Ahmedabad.

The More Mischief experience begins right from the minute you step into the store. Posh ambience in muted earthy tones and the warmth of deep dark wood interiors welcome you and transports you to a different world – a man’s version of a fairy tale castle if you will!. A quiet unhurried calm inspires you to browse leisurely through the merchandise.

A personal host will then meet and discuss your requirements over a cuppa freshly brewed Jasmine tea. An image and fashion plan, look-books, with expert recommendation based on your personality type, skin tone, body lines, profile and other pertinent factors will be created. Trial dates will be fixed and final delivery executed to your satisfaction. A truly professional and delightful savoir-faire experience!

With a multitude of occasions occupying your hectic social schedule, there’s almost always never enough appropriate clothes to wear! At More Mischief, versatility is the name of the game.

Blending modern day design with conventional usability, the range at More Mischief varies from 2 sided jackets that can be worn as a Corporate suit in the morning and simply turned over for the evening ultra-glam look. Couture wedding garments – Indian & Western, Corporate designer suits, Red-carpet attires, Party-wear, Leisure clothing, regular everyday wear, monogrammed accessories, custom-designed shoes, and much more round up the broad range of services & products under More Mischief.

A brand new bespoke lifestyle service is soon to be launched – where we will make, procure, order, organize just about everything you may need under the sun – quite literally! Get ready to take your lifestyle to next level!

More Mischief is a low density fashion outlet. Quiet and uncluttered. There is a sense of spaciousness that allows visitors to move around unhindered. To touch, feel and experience the products. One can savor the quiet, tasteful ambience unblemished by eager beaver sales persons. Instead there are intriguing artefacts from across the globe. Antique pistols, ornate chests inlaid with burnished brass, murals and other interesting objects d’art that will keep you occupied and interested.

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