Deepak Shah

deepak_shahA visionary and an inspiration, a fashion icon and a trailblazer, a pioneer & a self-confessed mischief-junkie, Deepak Shah’s reputation as the vanguard of the men’s fashion business in India, is unparalleled.

Setting up shop back in 1985, when Bollywood fashion was at its retro-best, Deepak has styled and designed for an assortment of personalities ranging from actors, politicians, builders, businessmen, and the most important person – the regular working man.

An affair with colors and clothes combined with his talent for design saw him set up his own label – Colors. Fed up with retailers who were too conservative to sell his innovative creations, he set up his own retail store with film star friend, Suniel Shetty. Together, they exhilarated in the freedom of selling designs they really believed in from deep within.

This success was soon followed by the birth of the More Mischief, a store that specialized in customized men’s wear. For Deepak there has been no looking back since. He has consistently won several Awards for CMAI (Clothing Manufacturing of India), Dressing up Grasim Mr. India, Sandip Soparkar for Cannes 2013 & 2014, Styling for the Indian film industry that includes high-profile actors, directors, producers, musicians, comedians and the list is endless and continues to grow! Needless to mention, he has been the man with the foresight to predict fashion forecast for very many years.

Deepak ensures More Mischief is truly a bespoke experience. In style. In service. In the fine art of dressing up. He loves interacting with his clients, which he insists is the soul of fashion designing. He enjoys the journey as much as the destination. According to him, More Mischief is a delicate balance between the modern and the traditional.

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